• Jeffrey Friedland

Kroger to Sell CBD Products in Over 1350 Stores

August 7, 2019 - In June, Kroger, America’s largest grocery chain, announced plans to sell CBD topical products in 945 stores in 17 states. The company indicated that the topical products would include oils, creams, lotions and balm.

Kroger’s June’s announcement is now coming to fruition.

Colorado-based Charlotte’s web has announced that its CBD products, would roll out to 1,350 Kroger locations including its Dillons, Kroger, Fry’s Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Smith’s Pick ‘n Save and Mariano’s stores.

Not to be left in the dust, Florida-based Veritas also announced that it was expanding its Kroger distribution from 945 stores in 17 states to 1,350 stores in 22 states. Veritas’s products include hemp oil, lotion, lip balm and salves.

These announcements are occurring as the research firm, Nielsen, indicates that the market for cannabis products, including hemp could soar to $41 billion by 2025. Nielsen also stated that “The face of legalized marijuana has changed dramatically. We forecast much of the same in the hemp-derived CBD sector, which is now invading mainstream retail and grabbing headlines along the way.”

Phyto Intel’s Conclusions

The decision by Kroger to sell CBD products is indicative of a growing trend by major and small retailers to enter the CBD marketplace. While December’s Farm Bill legalized CBD federally, regulatory and legal issues remain. But, it’s clear that CBD products are here to stay and the market for CBD products will continue to grow.

Our recommendations to CBD companies and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies seeking to manufacture and market CBD-infused food, beverages, or cosmetics remains the same. CBD and cannabis are the top two fastest-growing new markets in the U.S.

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